Celebrate Happiness Roadshow Podcast With Sandra M 21: Episode #21: “Theatre, Contribution, and Community with Argos MacCullum” Music by Todd Lowry

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Santa Fean Argos MacCallum. Argos has lived in Santa Fe since 1967, and has worked as a carpenter, plasterer, ranch manager, orchardist, furniture-maker, scene shop manager, as well as a film and stage actor and stage director. His chapbook, She Loved Gravity and Would Fall Down Exquisitely Anywhere, was published in 1987. He has worked with many theatre companies in Santa Fe, and is an artistic director and co-founder of Teatro Paraguas, a bilingual theatre promoting contemporary Latinx theatre, children’s theatre, New Mexico playwrights, and poetry readings since 2004. His poems have been published in Malpais Review, Lummox Anthology, PoetryXHunger.com, THE Magazine, wildword.net, and Poetry London/Apple Magazine.

We discuss many concepts, including the energetic exchange in theatre, the power in being fully engaged in what we find meaningful, and how each of our unique contributions to the world uplifts ourselves and our communities.

I hope you’ll check out this inspiring conversation!

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