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 Get Happy Now!

"Sandra's sensitive ballads and sexy red-hot tributes to Sophie Tucker send you thru the roof
to a time of uninhibited vaudevillian celebration! Her warmth and spirit combined
with her humor makes her a consummate performer in the style of modern cabaret."
David Geist, Broadway Musical Director

~~~~~ Be Happy ~~~~~
I am Sandra McKnight, *performing artist, entertainer, and singer*, and I'm so excited about bringing you more


Join me on a wild musical adventure into JOY and the reality that we are all in this world together! Entertaining you is my dream and it has come true...as I perform with audiences around the world with

~~Laughter, Story and Song.~~

Together we dream big, sing loudly, feel the intimate moments and change the entire world vibe! Suddenly there is more Lightness, Fun and Joy.

~ WOW ~


Let’s put the Pedal to the Metal and Rock It Out