Celebrate Happiness Roadshow Podcast With Sandra M 12: Episode #12, Write Your Own Script with Alex Lipton. Original Music and Lyrics by Todd Lowry

In this episode of The Celebrate Happiness Roadshow Podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with filmmaker and trained facilitator in the PSYCH-K process (an energy-psychology healing modality), Alex Lipton. I’m so excited to share with you all this fascinating conversation where we discuss “writing your own script,” leading with your heart, and our collective unity.


Alex grew up in Mahopac, New York where he developed a passion for cinema and telling stories.  Movies and the filmmaking process became fundamental in Alex’s understanding of spirituality, and at an early age Alex was aware that reality and life itself has a “behind-the-scenes” world. Later he moved to California in pursuit of a higher education and graduated from the film school in Los Angeles, Columbia College Hollywood with a B.F.A in Directing Cinema & TV Production.


Growing up with the guidance of his Uncle, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Alex was taught with the understanding of how our perception controls our biology and that health and wellness is greatly influenced by our consciousness. For over a decade it has been Alex’s mission to help spread this message of self-empowerment using creative video production. He is guided by synchronicity and holds the subjects of ancient civilizations and lost worlds very close to his heart, and spends his life helping others discover the wonders of the unknown.

I hope you enjoy this rich and uplifting conversation.

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